The Buffalo Nickel CrossFit Team

Meet the Team that is Dedicated to Your Success

our founder

David Gionta

David opened Buffalo Nickel CrossFit in late 2016. His vision was to help make happy, healthy humans. David wanted to do this by offering a functional, fun, and engaging environment.

David started CrossFit as a way to break his normal boring fitness routine. The fact that many CrossFit movements are consistent with real world movements along with the constant variation appealed to him.

As David’s interest in health and fitness grew, it led to him receiving multiple accolades through CrossFit and other health and fitness specialties.

David was given the honor to help start the Tulsa Police Fitness Unit. This unit was designed to help police officers get in better shape as well as teaching them about health and wellness.

David’s focus now is to build a fitness community that provides its members with the very best in all things health and fitness. David loves seeing how Buffalo Nickel changes people’s lives.

Buffalo Nickel CrossFit will be known for being a new standard in the CrossFit landscape.


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Founding member of Tulsa Police Fitness Unit

2nd in 2015 Oklahoma State Weightlifting Championship (94kg class)

our coaches

Kari Reed

Kari Reed

Kari first tried CrossFit in 2007 when very few people even knew what CrossFit was. She loved the competitiveness, camaraderie and ability to track her fitness level. Finally in 2013, Kari joined a box in her local area. In 2017 Kari moved to Broken Arrow and went looking for a CrossFit to call home. After visiting other local boxes, Kari chose Buffalo Nickel because of the community. She said it was like instantly being part of a family.

Kari has competed in CrossFit competitions locally, both as an individual and as part of a team. She loves how people of all ages can compete and participate in CrossFit, and how the sport of CrossFit has grown to include all types of people.

Kari was drawn to coaching because she wants to help people get the most out of life. Kari cares deeply about helping people improve their health in safe and effective ways. She understands the struggles that come along with getting fit, but has enjoyed the many benefits of a healthier life. Kari loves being able to help BNCF members become more functional in their daily lives.

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Tara Harris

Tara first started CrossFit in 2019 on the recommendation of a friend. Immediately after that workout, she was the sorest she had ever been in her life and that is when she knew it was for her. The ability to push one’s limits each day and have a knowledgeable coach to direct you on that journey was unlike anything else. Everyone at Buffalo Nickel was so welcoming and supportive and truly created a judgment-free environment, which was a refreshing change.

Tara felt so supported by the Buffalo Nickel CrossFit community and quickly realized how life-changing and integral CrossFit had become that she decided to take it to the next level; coaching. Being able to see the excitement members have when they start to see progress in their movements is extremely rewarding. Empowering them to continue on their health journey is what drives Tara each day.

Tara looks forward to helping the athletes at Buffalo Nickel CrossFit have an experience that cannot be found anywhere else.


Zeke: Gym Dog

What sparked your interest in health and fitness?
“Woof woof, bark” (I don’t really have an interest but I sure enjoy hanging out by the big fans and getting lots of belly rubs.)

What brought you to BNCF?
“Bark bark, woof woof!” (My owner and BNCF owner David.)

When did you know BNCF was home?
“Woof woof bark bark, woof”
(Anywhere dad is, I’m home. Plus all these tired/sweaty people tell me how handsome I am.

Best Gym Dog Ever