Brenda’s Story

I am glad CrossFit is not a contact sport. Because if it was I promise you Brenda would win! Brenda started CrossFit with non-calloused hands, and long fancy nails. And to be honest when I first met her, I was pretty convinced she would not like how rough CrossFit can make you.  

But as I got to know her I was more concerned that Brenda was too tough for CrossFit!

You see, Brenda doesn’t back down. Even when she first started with us and was doing box jumps. One of our coaches told her if she didn’t want to jump she could do step ups. Brenda’s response, “I WANT to jump”. 

And I don’t mean on a 3 inch box, she was jumping on a 16 inch box from day 1. This all-or-nothing attitude has only increased the more advanced Brenda has become. She hasn’t slowed down one bit! When you see her workout you feel bad for whatever piece of equipment she is using because of how she attacks every movement.

Now, Brenda still has long fancy nails but she lifts more, has callouses on her hands, and is jumping on higher boxes. Brenda is one of those athletes who receives one little correction from a coach and you never have to tell her again. She is a natural athlete and a born competitor.  

As Brenda’s skill level grows I have no doubt her competitiveness will as well. So, if you are working out with her, just get ready.


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