CrossFit Myth: Being in Shape

One of the biggest misconceptions about CrossFit I hear is, “I’m not in good enough shape to do CrossFit”…

This stems from what most people’s idea of CrossFit is. Which is The CrossFit Games.  The Games is a series of events and competitions where people compete to see who is the fittest person in the world.  CrossFit started hosting these way back when normal everyday people could not only be selected but could win.  They were sponsored by panda express and you drank beer after working out, no joke.  

This has quickly evolved to, if you don’t have great genetics, a bombproof training and eating regiment, and a long and extensive background in health and fitness; then good luck even making it to the middle stage of selection.  Most games athletes now are/were high level college athletes, and some were/are Olympians or junior Olympians.

So are you in good enough shape to do CrossFit at the games level?  No, there are only a few people worldwide in that good of shape.  But are you good enough to start CrossFit?  Yes! Yes! Yes!

Humans love to compare themselves to others, even when we have no experience in a subject.  For example, when people walk in a box for the first time and they see someone pouring sweat, doing muscle ups, flipping tires, and jumping on top of a box the height of a kitchen table they think “there is no way I can do that”.  And they are right, but what they don’t know is that person who has been training in CrossFit for years and had to lose 30 lbs to have those abs and be able to even do a pull up started exactly where everyone else did.  By simply walking in the door.

When you start a good coach will know that you shouldn’t be pushed like more seasoned athletes.  So instead of doing muscle ups you will do pull ups, instead of flipping tires you will do kettle-bell swings, and maybe you won’t jump on a box but will step up on one.  Guess what, that is still CrossFit!!!  Here is one reason why CrossFit is so amazing, it can be scaled and modified per the individual. 

Everyone likes to talk about how CrossFit uses the kipping and butterfly pull ups and how they are not real pull ups.  They are just a different version of pull ups that serve a different purpose, just like jumping, banded, and strict pull ups all serve their own purposes.  

So the point is, anyone and everyone is able to do CrossFit.  No matter what your skill level or your experience is, CrossFit movements can be scaled to meet your level of fitness.  And this is important because it allows new athletes to have a workout made a little easier for them. Or it allows more advanced athletes to modify a workout to be harder than it once was.

Are you “not in good enough shape” to start CrossFit and have two minutes to spare?  Message us we only need two minutes to ask your opinion on something.


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