Doug’s Story

This is Doug.  He joined Buffalo Nickel CrossFit in the Fall of 2019 with his wife and two daughters.  Doug has made some amazing progress since then.  He has completed one of our nutrition challenges and has been extremely committed to his fitness.

Because of his dedication and relentless attitude he has been able to not only lose over 50 pounds, but he has also gotten stronger with over 40 different PR’s, and his movement mechanics have improved greatly.  Doug has made such outstanding health improvements that his doctor was comfortable taking Doug off multiple prescriptions which is now saving Doug $200 a month!

Doug is the living example of ‘make a good first impression’.  If someone told me they don’t like Doug, or he did something to upset them, I’d question their character over Doug’s.  That’s how good of a person he is.  He always shows up happy and cheerful, and no matter how miserable the WOD is a few minutes after it is over Doug is smiling and joking with people.

Coaching Doug is always a treat.  He is the type you look forward to coaching, and no matter what he always tries his hardest.  Doug has a level of determination that you know he will accomplish whatever he sets out to.

Doug we are proud of you and all of your accomplishments. 

To hear from Doug, the man himself click here!


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