Exercising Later In Life: It’s Never Too Late

Getting older sucks…or so the saying goes. But why does it suck? A big reason is loss of health. As we age, we typically lose muscle mass, have less energy, a compromised immune system, higher blood pressure, and more. Years of unhealthy habits finally catch up to us, and we have to start paying the piper.  Even so, there’s another (better) saying: “it’s never too late”. Exercising later in life is an excellent way to combat these common issues.

I want to brag for a moment. At Buffalo Nickel CrossFit we currently have 6 members over the age of 55. One of them is my own mom. I can’t tell you how proud I am of these 6 people, for multiple reasons. 

One being, CrossFit is totally different from the health and fitness routines that they were taught growing up. Secondly, they haven’t let age determine their health. They embody “it’s never too late.”

Lastly, when I first started CrossFit I was in my early 20s and relatively fit. I was still nervous walking in. These folks started CrossFit in their 50s and 60s.  They took a huge step out of their comfort zone and stepped into something that requires discipline and grit. That is awesome!

So, are you too old to join a gym? 

No way, not even close.  Fitness is healthcare, even just being interested in fitness is caring for your health.  In fact as we get older it is even MORE important to take an interest in your health.  It is like planning for retirement, earlier is better but even if you don’t start until your senior years you can still reap benefits.

How can exercising later in life help your mind?

Exercising helps with multitasking and creativity. It also prevents some of the common effects of ageing such as memory loss, cognitive decline, and dementia.  In some cases, it can even slow the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Exercising is great for your body and brain. Committing to exercise later in life is a perfect way to slow the cognitive effects of ageing.

How can exercising later in life help your body?

It boosts your metabolism and builds muscle, in turn burning more calories. Exercise lowers your risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, and certain types of cancers.

It also improves strength, flexibility, and posture, which helps with balance and coordination, and helps prevent falling. As an older person, you’ll find that exercise alleviates symptoms of arthritis. Working out over 50 is one of the best things you can do for your body.

Living a happier, healthier life can start at any age. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  If you are still uncomfortable in a gym setting, there is plenty you can do from home to help increase your fitness and be healthier.  Unsure where to start?  Reach out to us, we have some of the best coaches who would love to help you.